designprocessSomething that separates us from our competitors is our process, which has been developed to ensure client satisfaction.  We want to make certain you are thrilled with the finished product and our time-tested approach accomplishes exactly that.

Step 1:  Conduct Client Interview

Perhaps the most important step, this allows us to work with our clients and understand their vision for the project.  We ask questions, take notes and – most importantly – listen.

Step 2:  Develop Conceptual Drawings

Based on what we’ve learned from the client interview we hand sketch or develop conceptual drawings in full color.  This is where your vision and the designers creativity come together.  The tangible representation makes it possible for you to see what the project might look like in real life and we move forward based on it.

Step 3:  Produce a Plan and Budget

Every landscaping project requires a plan to make certain it is executed according to your exact requirements.  Once a conceptual design has been chosen we firm up the specifics and create a comprehensive plan to document all the details.  This can include rendered master plans, planning plant layout plans, grading plans, etc.  We also put together a quote so you know how much to budget for the project.

Step 4:  Get Final Approval

Now that we have prepared a project plan it’s time for you to approve it.  If the plan isn’t exactly what you want then we will tweak it based on your feedback until it is.

Step 5:  Build the Project

This is where we demonstrate our ability to deliver on our promises and exceed your expectations.  We build your project and keep the lines of communication open so you’re involved every step of the way.

Step 6:  Maintain Your Investment

The first couple of years after installation are a critical time in the life of your new landscaping.  It usually takes 24 months to grow in, and it must be carefully tended to during that time.  We will care for your landscaping to protect the value of your investment and to make sure it lasts for years of enjoyment.

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